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Multiple Myeloma was my cancer. I say was, because I don't have it now, at the time of writing (2008)it is my ninth year completely free of it. Oh yes, I had the medical treatment which nearly killed me, but it came back, as multiple myeloma always does. This cancer has no medical cure, this is what I was told, but 3 months after it returned it just disappeared, nine years later it is still gone and my oncologist does not understand why. I do; this is why I am a healer and why I promote energy healing, because it has no limits. The only limitation we have is the limitation we have learned for ourselves, we are energy, cancer is energy, everything we perceive in this universe is vibrating energy. The energy of a thought has real power, it can make you move your arm, step over a puddle, or drive your car, what we normally do not believe is "I can cure my incurable cancer myself." Why is this? Because it is what you have learned, it is how you have been conditioned, and you learn all this at an early age. So did I, but my questioning from the age of six and the knowledge and experiences I have had have given me a different perspective. Who am I? I am an ordinary working man with a passion for finding out who we are and the meaning of life. Knowing, enabled me to become a Healer and Geomancer; more importantly it gave me the tools to be able to defeat Multiple Myeloma and erradicate it 100% from my body. Who I am is no different to who you are, we are all of one consciousness, massive intellect and power for our choosing. We are all related, in truth, we just don't know it yet, and cancer; it is a lower energy that is nothing to who we really are. When your Oncologist tells you, as mine did, I was going to die of MM, the challenge for me...Was my knowing enough? Indeed it was.

Cancer drugs are poison, and poison is not cancer specific , it destroys good parts of you in the process. This is quite normal and doctors have a point in which they will say that there is nothing more they can do for you, then you are sure to be on the road to your death. The limitations of cancer treatment, medical knowledge and your own mind is to your detriment when you have cancer. Cancer begins with one cell out of 60 trillion and grows with fierce repetition. Cancer has an energy and this energy can be transformed; drugs are usually your first port of call, I would never advocate anything else, (that would be illegal)and I took them. The treatment failed to cure my cancer. You can also utilise alternative methods, and there are many; energy healing works as well, most do not conflict with concventional treatment, and will not harm you, if you take the necessary precautions. Research always. Drugs kill cancer cells, but they also kill healthy cells and weaken the immune system, which is the very system you have that has the capability of destroying cancer. Drug side effects are dire, as I well know. Cancer research does not recognise consciousness, or herbal medicine because of their need to develop drugs for profit. They will never recognise the human spirit or its healing powers. I should have been dead many years ago, but I am alive and kicking, free of the cancer that cannot be cured....This is the result of energy healing and belief, when drugs failed me.

I will begin my blog with some information for you to consider, these are my beliefs, born out of experience, investigation and deep thought. We are composed of three basic things as human and they are MIND, BODY and SPIRIT.

Mind is simple, we all have it and use it all day and every day. Body is also well documented, physically we began with one cell which eventually reaches 60 to 100 trillion cells, made up from about 25% from the ground we walk upon and about 75% water. What makes everything work is spirit; spirit is our consciousness, the energy that keeps our cells alive , the energy that can be measured and photographed.

Energy cannot be destroyed, this is our first law of physics. The energy in a living body looks very like the lines of force around a magnet, it flows through 7 main energy centres in our bodies. Disrupt the flow and we become unwell, severe disruptions become serious. Whether our illness is because of our environment, the food and drink we consume, our habits and excesses or the stress we impose on ourselves with our minds, we can all become unwell at some point in our lives.

We are conditioned to believe that drugs are our only option when we become ill, and often it is, there are many excellent medications, but we have something else that is not so well known. It concerns our spirit. Our spirit is partly expressed as our mind but a deeper part exists that is never born to earth. This deeper part often touches our minds as a sixth sense, this is a sense that we often have experience of, but is not generally recognised as a true sense, it is totally ignored by scientific minds. When we utilise the connection we all have with our deeper spiritual reality (but rarely awaken) cancer cannot prevail in our bodies. Illness bends to our deep will and beliefs, but importantly this has the ability to kill us or cure us, usually with cancer we believe cancer kills, that belief is realised, but we can direct it to cure us, such is the power of belief.

Pharmaceutical drugs and medicine are reasonably recent innovations within our history, but in our past there was no such industry. What we had and believed in were natural remedies grown in the earth, and energy medicine. These are a natural way to attain the balance between mind, body and spirit that is we all need if we are to be balanced. However, this concept is rubbished by the powerful and hugely profitable pharmaceutical companies who will not under any circumstances accept anything that does not make profit.
My cancer was erradicated by energy rebalancing and my own deep belief in the concept of who I am, (spirit within my body) there is much more to this spirit than we know. Life does not end in death, this I know because of a personal Near Death Experience, and following this lost all my fear of dying. Knowing who we are, knowing that the limitations we have in our minds and egos can be strengthened just by this knowing. Of course this is a question we have all probably asked in our lives, who are we, where did we came from and where do we go when we die, and the big question; what is the point in all this, why am I here? When you look into yourself and ask the question 'is this all there is' the answer comes if you are asking from your heart. We are so much more than we think and see; we existed before we were born to this earth, and we will exist beyond physical death. Our current human focus is one we are currently engaged in, but there is a deeper reality that is blanketed to our minds, this reality and knowing is so important when we are lost in the fear of cancer.

We are caught up in a mindset of our own making, technology has no wisdom, matter has no awareness, our materialistic paradigm needs to shift towards the values of our spiritual truth if we are to stop destroying each other and our beautiful planet. The potential of our collective human consciousness has not been awakened yet, our limitations, our religions and our angst are all man made. We need to look deeper.

Healing is a natural process when we are aware of who we are, love can be used in so many ways, healing ourselves is only one of them. My cancer was cleared in 3 months.


UPDATE 22 October 2011.
It is now nearly 13 years since my Multiple Myeloma was discovered early in 1999. Treatment took me through till August when I had a bone marrow transplant, my cancer quickly returned. By January, following my own intervention, it was gone. This remained the position until January 2010 when the paraprotein was again found in my blood, I took no notice of this, believing I could get rid of it again and by January 2011 it was gone again. I am well, and have had no treatment for MM for 12 years. There is nothing special about me, I have beaten cancer, hypertension, clinical depression, and diabetes. My belief is strong, my ideas are not mainstream, this will be evident if you look at the postings in my blog. Life is deeper than most will ever know; we are not helpless when the worst happens, look deeper and you will know too. We are given tools to help us through life, we have to find them, they are inside us, love is the most important tool we have. Love is the light inside that kills cancer, fear and hate are what cancer feeds upon, this is important to know and to consider as lesson number 1.

January 2013. I am still here folks, cancer free, alive and kicking with no trace of MM. I write my blog in the hope that I can help you with my alternative views on life, because within them you will find signposts that will give you an alternative to drugs and religion. My lifetime of learning, of experiences that have reinforced my view that we are all so much more than we perceive ourselves to be. When I was diagnosed in 1999 with MM and given 3-5 years of life, I was shocked and let them do what they believed was right for me. They were wrong and the treatment nearly killed me, and they failed because the cancer came right back. Why do I write? Simply this. I hope to open up your mind to a view on who you really are; and you may not have ever considered it. This is my sacred task and one I do willingly, and if I can help one person, my life will be worthwhile. If you think, chemo can help you, think again, if you think science or religion can help you, no, science and religion are as powerless as your mind is in defeating MM. I can understand those who say this is just woo woo and I am talking rubbish. You can trust your oncologist, there is nothing wrong in that, and maybe they can prolong your life, but eventually they will stand back and tell you, there is nothing more they can do. I do not say you should not have treatment, I cannot, and would not do that. Your mind is weak when it comes to fighting MM, no matter how positive you are, at the back of your mind lurks the statistics, the words no cure, the fear and the constant to and fro from positivity to futility. At this point I tell you again, Multiple Myeloma is curable - because I did it. In this world we express ourselves through our minds and we have five senses to help us. There is another aspect, the world of energy, vibration and life itself. MM is a challenge; an opportunity to find yourself, the hidden part of you that seeks expression. You can take this as a chance to fight MM with your mind. However, the monkey mind is always looking backwards or forwards and is rarely in the moment. An expression of self, the true self,the indestructable essence that is who you are, all you have been and all you will be is always in the moment, and everything happens in the moment of, Now. Its boundary is not this world, as it is with the mind self. It is not governed by linear time, nor does it see the dark energy of MM other than transformable. SELF, it is beautiful energy, powerful beyond belief, it is who you really are. I know this and I want you to know it too. The infinite self or the Authentic self, as opposed to the egoic self. We live in the world of the Ego with all the crap the mind can throw at us. This is the human game. Know yourself, open to the infinite self and replay the game, because when your life is threatened, as mine was, you can use your mind and fail, or introduce yourself to the inner being that is you. Here the rules are different, the play so much more satisfying. In the heart we find the doorway, love is the key that opens the door and the energy of light and love that flows back washes away the darkness of MM. The DNA relaxes and rebuilds us at a cellular level. With me, it took 3 months. Learn about who you are, research the Infinite Self, The Authentic Self and open your toolbox to health. And, in that moment, your life on this earth is changed forever. David.

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