Friday, 31 December 2010



ONENESS.....The most important word ever, describing a togetherness, a unity, uniting all you perceive, and all you cannot. ONENESS... learn it, seek it, understand it, and introduce what you believe to be you, to who you really are.

Oneness, the touch of the divine healer, found only in a place of stillness, a place where the mind is not allowed, a place of no regrets, no remorse, judgement or any of the burdens of life. In the midst of a whirlwind of thinking and projection into future there is something you have never forgotten, silently carried within; a knowing. You cannot touch this knowing with the mind, we feel it, yet cannot understand it with our waking mind. It is the dance of consciousness, the song of the heart within every human being, it is the source of our beginning and the journey's end to which we all are moving towards. The knowing that cries out to us amidst the chatter of the mind, a knowing that connects us to who we really are.

When you touch this inner knowing, which is of life itself, silently carried within our heart centre, you know it, you remember it and will have retrieved the touch of your divine love and connectedness and you will feel it in your heart. Tears will flow and you will never be the same again. Love and unity that we all yearn for silently, it is here that you will feel the love that sits within the core of your being, waiting for our recognition and in the sunshine of that love and in the stillness of the mind, healing begins or we prepare to be taken home. Home that indescribable oneness where we all dwell. Home, the unfathomable never ending cycle of being, worlds within worlds, the God force that exists within us all, connecting us all in oneness, regardless of who we think we are.

We are never alone and it is only the chatter of our mental thinking that keeps us disconnected. When we connect in stillness, watching the breath and moving inward, we find the warmth and the glow of connectedness to who we really are. This is the healing glow that cancer cannot answer or exist. When you touch this love there is no fear, for you will have been introduced to the timeless one, yourself.

In a world of so many beliefs and where man is constantly in conflict with man and where human life seems oh so cheap, there is a truth that unites us all. A truth that is growing throughout this world and a truth that can never be silenced, this indescribable feeling that is so far beyond words and will eventually change this world forever. Oneness....know it, live it, love it, be it, for it is you..


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